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2013 iN 60 Seconds - Funny Faces by PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks

Once Again The American Weirdo PiKaHsSo allen Poe from Dallas, Texas is back with his eyegasmic Photo A Day yearly event he called 2013 iN 60 Seconds its simply put a photo of PiKaHsSo every day for 1 year watch it now leave a comment & feel free to write about it. This is my 3rd year doing this & i will continue to do it till I'm old gray & dead thats how dedicated i am to the art. Im not tripping on the money i just want the world to see hear & feel my art & what i bring to the world of creativity. Although a lil moolah wouldn't hurt all of this was edited by me up until the clock struck 12 on January 1st 2014 man i know a lot will begin to copy this on the hiphop scene but it must be known that PiKaHsSo was one of the 1st to do this enjoy the art.


While you're hear you may as well watch 2012 in 60 Seconds & the original the beginning of it all 2011 iN 60 Seconds



2013 iN 60 Seconds (FUNNY FACES)))

The Enigmatic PiKy allen Poe is back again with his world famous photo a day for a year 2012 Version. On January 1st 2011 iBegan Taking A Photo of myself everyday from the same exact room in the same exact spot. To see if I had the disclipine to do it and to see what it would look like. On today Sunday January 1st 2011 im sharing my visual experience with you.

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